Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge, BBA, Cactus)

Courtesy of Tim Bogert Official Website
By Tom Semioli

A giant, and an influencer who stands among the greats of any generation. He was an electric bass pioneer, master soloist, heavy groove-player, educator, and sonic innovator, among other attributes. The late John Voorhis “Tim” Bogert radically expanded the role of the instrument on stage and on record by way of his matchless tenure in the groundbreaking ensembles Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck, Bogert & Appice, in addition to his many other collaborations. 


Renowned for his working relationship with drummer Carmine Appice, Bogert’s primary weapon of choice for his most recognized recordings and concert performances was a hybrid Telecaster (neck) and Precision (body) bass – which was sold to a collector. In his later years Bogert utilized an extended range, among other instruments.


Photo By Chris Dixon


Tim Bogert Sound & Vision…


Vanilla Fudge:


“You Just Keep Me Hangin’ On” https://youtu.be/xNcFWGox-SM


“Shotgun” https://youtu.be/mXez-BqNGtk


“Some Velvet Morning” https://youtu.be/zBtKYBKg_yU


Beck, Bogert & Appice:


“Superstition” https://youtu.be/n0R8Tdr0oB8


“Black Cat Moan” https://youtu.be/6qP_t0HySoI


“Morning Dew” https://youtu.be/7UjJwjGtyvo




“One Way or Another” https://youtu.be/ajdc8ZEESUM


“Parchman Farm” https://youtu.be/d_y_m0mImGw


Boxer: “No Reply” https://youtu.be/-GyQ_O0dQgs


Derringer – Bogert -Appice: “Rhapsody in Red” https://youtu.be/O50mwhzJE58