Paul Gardiner (Tubeway Army, Gary Numan)

Paul Gardiner 0_opt.jpg Paul Gardiner 0_opt.jpg

By Thomas Semioli

When synthesizers become commonplace in the 1980s, bassists had to adapt or die! Among the most adept at working with the emerging digital technology that revolutionized (or some say “killed”) the pop music landscape was Paul Gardiner with Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army, and later as the anchor of Numan’s solo band.

Gardiner fortified synthesizer motifs with unison lines, pocket grooves, harmonic extensions, and fretless which afforded the instrument a role – albeit a greatly reduced one.

A composer and keyboardist, Gardiner also recorded a few minor hit singles under his own name in his native UK including a remake of the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs,” and also guested on Robert Palmer’s groundbreaking Clues collection in 1980.

Dig Paul with Tubeway Army:

“Are Friends Electric?”

“Down In The Park”

Dig Paul with Gary:

“Stormtrooper in Drag”

Dig Paul’s rendition of “Venus In Furs”

Dig Paul with Robert Palmer “I Dream of Wires”