Johnny Colt (Black Crowes, Brand New Immortals)

Courtesy of Lynyrd Skynyrd Com Courtesy of Lynyrd Skynyrd Com

Courtesy of Lynyrd Skynyrd Com

He has the look…the swagger…the ‘tude!

When the Black Crowes broke big in 1990, all of a sudden everything old was new again and again and again as retro became vogue in rock. Have we yet to recover? You be the judge…

An entrepreneur, radio and reality TV host, among other endeavors – the bassist born Charles Brandt skillfully plied his craft on a variety of instruments (vintage Fenders, Gibson basses) for the Crowes in the tradition of the British rockers that profoundly influenced the Marietta, Georgia quintet: grooving in-the-pocket and punctuating the brothers Robinson with occasional counter-melodies and a gritty tone. (Note: when I met him in 1999 he fell in love with my Steinberger XL bass! However I refused to sell it!)

An affable chap and versatile player, Johnny’s enjoyed continuted artistic and commercial success following his split from the Black Crowes with his trio Brand New Immortals, along with Train, Rock Star Supernova, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Dig Johnny with:

The Black Crowes “Hard to Handle”

Live with Brand New Immortals “Reasons Why”

Live with the Black Crowes at Pinkpop 1990

Solo “Strychnine”

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