Gary King (Bob James, George Benson, Grover Washington Jr., Stanley Turrentine…)

Soul-jazz bass ? Jazz-fusion bass? Just call it…Gary King!


A giant of the instrument, Gary King is revered among serious players for his groundbreaking tenure as house bassist for Bob James’ Tappan Zee imprint, and numerous releases on the CTI label, among others.


A monster groove player (and soloist), King anchored seminal sides by James, George Benson, Grover Washington Jr., Idris Muhammad, Alphonse Mouzon, Stanley Turrentine, Lenny White, Gato Barbieri, Roberta Flack, Joe Farrell, Maynard Ferguson, Hubert Laws, Mark Colby, Steve Kahn, and Tom Scott to cite a select few.


Gary’s unique gritty tone (which he often coaxed out of a Gibson hollow-body instrument) coupled with his expansive harmonic and rhythmic expertise set the standard for modern day “smooth jazz” players.


How many times Gary has been sampled in the hip-hop / digital Tik-Tok era?


Gary King Sound & Vision…


Bob James – “Touchdown”


Alphonse Mouzon – “Funky Snakefoot”


Tom Scott – “New York Connection”


Grover Washington Jr. – “Mr. Magic”


Eric Gale – “De Rabbit”


Idris Muhammad – “Power of Soul”


George Benson – “Body Talk”


Stanley Turrentine – “Papa T”


Maynard Ferguson – “Primal Scream”


Mark Colby “Skat Talk”