Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Sting)

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He is the Chicago cat whom Gordon Sumner, the Stones, and Miles relied on to bring a fresh, funky veneer to their time-tested repertoire and latter-day canon.

Darryl “The Munch” Jones’ mastery of slap and fingerpicking styles abetted by his loyalty to the language of rhythm and blues affords him a unique stance among the legends he anchors – Jones knows his history and his employers sound all the better for it.

Though Stones sticklers oft deride Darryl’s three decade and counting tenure in the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band – nearly half their hallowed career – Jones, to my ears, serves the band well –quoting Bill Wyman’s
essential motifs with a decidedly crisp tone bolstered by buoyant harmonic embellishments. Hence the Rolling Stones gather (relatively) no moss into the 21st Century…

Dig Darryl soloing on “Miss You” https://youtu.be/YI-OzM0dy30

Courtesy Darryl Jones Com Courtesy Darryl Jones Com

Courtesy Darryl Jones Com

With Miles, Darryl was a catalyst – pushing Davis with his fierce grooves. Of course, Miles knew how to choose his bassists.

Dig Darryl on Miles’ “Decoy” https://youtu.be/DcewuivRsRM

Courtesy Darry Jones Com Courtesy Darry Jones Com

Courtesy Darry Jones Com

With Sting, Jones freed the bassist to focus on his vocals and rhythm guitar playing while he afforded the ex-copper a strong funk foundation.

Dig Darryl slappin’ and dancin’ “If You Love Someone Set Them Free” https://youtu.be/LSGl3d4KOMk

Courtesy of Darryl Jones Com Courtesy of Darryl Jones Com

Courtesy of Darryl Jones Com

Among Darryl’s choice of weapons include Fender Jazz, Fender Precision, Fender Mustang, and Lakeland, among many others. Daryl also started his own boutique instrument company, aptly named Jones Musical Instruments.

Dig Darryl talking Fender https://youtu.be/ltDn-gZzeF0

Darryl’s touring and session credits also include: The Darryl Jones Project, Stone Raiders, 3 Brave Souls, Steps Ahead, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Bernard Fowler, Lenny White, John Scofield, and the Gil Evans Big Band, to cite a select few.

Keep up with Darryl at www.DarrylJones.Com