Pierre Brock (Robert Palmer)

Previous to his MTV-era pop stardom by way of Power Station and a solo album or two which adhered to the Duran Duran formulae, the late great Robert Palmer was an exploratory Brit-soul crooner who incorporated reggae, techno, blues, jazz, and avant-garde into his laudable canon.


Among the funkiest cats to hold down the bass chair in Palmer’s venturesome ensembles was Pierre Brock. A lower register groove master, Pierre’s piercing tone coupled with his command of rhythm and space was ideal for the singer and his songs, many of which were inventive renditions of compositions by Lowell George, Alan Toussaint, Moon Martin, Todd Rundgren, and bassist Andy Fraser to cite a few.


Pierre also anchored The Gibson Brothers, among others.



Pierre Brock Sound & Vision….


“Love Stop” Live https://youtu.be/YsikDW1X4JU


“Every Kind of People” Live https://youtu.be/XwCHFaarTjY


“Too Good to Be True”  https://youtu.be/uP4pd8IogoA


“Can We Still Be Friends” https://youtu.be/Ux0qCE8qOnk