Bill MacCormick (801, Phil Manzanera, Quiet Sun)

Bill MacCormick Facebook Bill MacCormick Facebook

Bill MacCormick Facebook

A session player / band-member who emerged from the “Cantebury Scene” -the late 60s, early 70s period centered in the Kent, England town wherein musicians created a unique blend of progressive, jazz, and psychedelia;  Bill MacCormick anchored some of the  most influential and groundbreaking slabs of the era.

Among the most stellar of his recordings is 801 Live: a collaborative effort of MacCormick, Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, Simon Philips, Francis Monkman, and Lloyd Watson.

The Fender Precision headstock album cover image says it all! Captured at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall 3 September 1976, MacCormick is up in the mix, plying funky grooves and countermelodies with an incredibly punchy P bass tone.

Dig Bill and 801 on “Tomorrow Never Knows”

MacCormick collaborated with Manzanera on several projects (Diamond Head, K-Scope), including an extraordinary 801 studio release, Listen Now (1977)

Dig Bill on the title “Listen Now”

Bill’s distinctive rhythm & blues approach to the genre was unique, especially on such additional watershed albums by Quiet Sun (Mainstream), Brian Eno (Here Come the Warm Jets), and Robert Wyatt (Nothing Can
Stop Us, Matching Mole
), to cite a select few.

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