Guy Pratt (Bryan Ferry, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Robert Palmer…)

Courtesy of Guy Pratt Com

A chameleonic, prolific UK session ace, Guy Pratt has “distinguished” (he would never use that adjective…) himself on stage and in the studio with post-Roger Waters Pink Floyd, Robert Palmer, Bryan Ferry, Madonna, David Gilmour, Icehouse, Tom Jones, Gary Moore, Jon Lord, Echo & the Bunnymen, Iggy Pop, Rod Stewart, Andy MacKay, Michael Jackson, Peter Cetera, The Dream Academy, Tears for Fears, Krisy MacColl, and Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, to cite a scant few…


In addition to his musical, thespian, compositional, and production credits, Guy is a funny guy, forging a side-career as stand-up comic who incorporates his instrumental artistry in his stage show My Bass and Other Animals – which is also the title of his must-read tome on Orion Press (2007).


Pratt’s proclivity for percolating jazz / funk / reggae inspired passages along with his use of effects affords this player the uncanny (would he use that adjective?) ability to adapt to just about any situation in the realm of pop and permutations thereof.


Yet Guy often phrases akin to a keyboardist – hence the difficulty of deciphering whether it’s a synth pad rendering the grooves and not a blokey with a battered J bass named “Betsy” on any given track he waxes– especially when GP alters the tone of his instrument with an array of octave gizmos and programs.  


Trendy (would he use that adjective?) blokey that he is, Pratt is a bass collector. Among his weapons of choice include vintage Fender P and J basses, MusicMan StingRay, Aira SB, and a fretless Steinberger as a member of Icehouse! The Bass Centre in London has created a Guy Pratt Signature Bass – which is reasonably priced and replicates his named Fender Jazz as referenced above.


Keep up with Guy on and his YouTube page which is aptly titled “Guy Pratt”


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Guy Pratt Sound & Vision…


Dig Guy’s right-hand disco pluckery:


“Money” with Pink Floyd:


Peter Cetera “You Never Listen to Me”


Michael Hutchence “Let Me Show You”




Saucerful of Secrets “Fearless”


Robert Palmer “Discipline of Love”


Madonna “Like a Prayer”


Bryan Ferry “Kiss and Tell”


The Orb “Rush Hill Road”