Joe Bouchard

With their signature meld of progressive, pop, and metal, Long Island’s mighty Blue Oyster Cult were among the most innovative (and under-rated) ensembles of the classic rock era.

BOC’s anchor during their glory years was Joe Bouchard.  An educator, multi-instrumentalist, composer, solo recording artist and author – Joe’s multi-effect mind-bending (and string-bending) bass solos were a highlight of BOC shows.

Nowadays Mr. Bouchard is going strong on the bandstand and in the studio as a guitarist with power trio Blue Coupe which features another legend in the bass chair; Alice Cooper Band Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway, along with founding BOC drummer Albert Bouchard – the cat who played the cowbell on “Fear the Reaper.”      

Dig Joe working the pocket on the BOC track / video “Joan Crawford”