Tom Robinson (TRB)

Courtesy Tom Robinson Com

Bassist and bandleader of the highly influential Tom Robinson Band (TRB) which spanned the years 1976-79, Robinson possesses that rare gift of combining an activist, intellectual libretto with great songs and melodies.


Anthems including “Up Against the Wall,” “Ain’t Gonna Take It,” “Glad to Be Gay,” “Blue Murder,” “Right On Sister,” and “2-4-6-8 Motorway” remain as relevant today as they did four decades ago.


As a bassist who came to the instrument out of necessity, Robinson – with his signature Fender P, was a solid pocket player.


Though his band was branded punk, Tom and the TRB were much more expansive – incorporating blues, jazz, soul, cabaret, dance-hall, and reggae motifs into their two essential albums: Power in the Darkness (1978) and TRB II (1979). Ever since he split TRB, Tom fronts his solo projects as a guitarist.


Tom Robinson Sound & Vision:


“Up Against The Wall”


“2-4-6-8 Motorway”


“Bully For You”