The Heartbreakers: Ron Blair, Howie Epstein

Courtesy of Tom Petty Com

My educated guess is that when Charley T. “Muddy” Wilbury Jr. assembled his Heartbreakers in Gainesville, Florida, he never thought they’d be as influential as many of the artists that inspired him.

Founding Heartbreaker bassist Ron Blair (1976-82, 2002 -17) and his intermediary, the late Howie Epstein (1982-2002) both excelled in their supportive roles.

Blair was a bit more adventurous in the pocket as evidenced on Damn the Torpedoes (1979), Mojo (2010), and Hypnotic Eye (2014) wherein his harmonic movement and occasional embellishments surfaced amid the more sonically audible din of his mates. Among Ron’s weapons of choice included Fender Jazz, Hofner, and a Rickenbacker 4001.

Ron with Tom “ I Should Have Known It”

Epstein, who was also an accomplished vocalist, additionally distinguished himself as a producer on John Prine’s extraordinary Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings (1995), and Eric Anderson’s Grammy winning Memory of the Future (1998), among others. Howie’s weapons of choice included Fender Precision, and Epiphone, among others.

Howie with Tom “Jammin’ Me”

Studio legend Duck Dunn played on two Petty tracks from the band’s first and third releases respectively – however to my ears, Donald did not render anything Mr. Blair couldn’t have cut! But that’s just my opinion, ask Jimmy Iovine.

Dig Duck on “You Tell Me”

As a bassist and vocalist for Mudcrutch (1970-75, 2007) and the Traveling Wilburys (1988-90), Tom Petty hardly deviated from the root -fifth routine on every track, which is exactly how you’re supposed to behave in the presence of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Roy Orbison en masse! Tom’s guitar collection was legendary, I’ve seen him with a Rickenbacker, Danelectro, Gibson ES…

Dig Tom on bass with Mucrutch: