Mike Mills (R.E.M., Hindu Love Gods)

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“Mott the Hoople and the game of life….yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…”


He was a founding member of a groundbreaking Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame ensemble that essentially brought “alternative” rock to the masses, and continues to inspire scores of indie bands. A bassist and prolific composer, Michael Edward Mills was REM’s musical workhorse, often doubling on keyboards and providing harmony vocals while laying the harmonic foundation for his higher profile band-mates.


Mills’ modus operandi was to work in the pocket with a melodic mindset to serve the songs sung by Michael Stipe and brilliantly fortified by the defining guitar artistry of Peter Buck.



Courtesy REM Com Courtesy REM Com

Courtesy REM Com

On the final two woefully under-appreciated REM studio efforts, Accelerate (2008) and Collapse Into Now (2011), Mills flexed his formidable chops with thrilling results, rendering motifs high in the mix that grabbed the listener ala Jack Bruce, Sir Paul, and The Ox.



Mills’ primary weapon of choice, especially in REM’s latter years, was the Fender Precision, though he did record and perform with a Rickenbacker 4001 and Hofner among others.



Following REM’s retirement, Mike toils in several low-key projects including the Baseball Project, and collaborateed with artists including Drive By Truckers, Hindu Love Gods (with Warren Zevon) and Joseph Arthur.



Mike Mills Sound & Vision …


“Discoverer” https://youtu.be/z7q5DLS1rAU


“Living Well is the Best Revenge” https://youtu.be/rj55GSeXYuI


“Man Sized Wreath” https://youtu.be/mzNOtYyiu1c


“Supernatural Superstitious” https://youtu.be/IkQPkZuNjvc


REM Live 2003 https://youtu.be/f4_Gulqaj6c


“What’s The Frequency Kenneth” / “Crush with Eyeliner” https://youtu.be/pbi4LXDPkCI


“Man on the Moon” https://youtu.be/CgR7mQlus4k


“So. Central Rain” https://youtu.be/msWi0c4tHV8


“Driver 8” https://youtu.be/wuFId1RYSZE


Dig Mike taking the mic on “Don’t Go Back to Rockville” https://youtu.be/uWRawTxpD4E

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