Kasim Sulton (Utopia, Joan Jett, Meatloaf)

Courtesy of Kasim Sulton Com Courtesy of Kasim Sulton Com

Courtesy of Kasim Sulton Com

He’s the cat who laid the harmonic / rhythmic foundation whilst Marvin Lee Aday discovered “Paradise by the Dashboard Light!”

Among the most prolific and versatile bassists in the history of artform that is rock and roll, Staten Island born Kasim Sulton’s work as a sideman, arranger, educator, clinician, session player, bandmember, and musical director spans prog to pop and back again with stops along the way in theater, hard rock, fusion, folk, and blues.

A multi-instrumentalist and solo recording and performing artist, Kasim’s collaborators include Todd Rundgren with and without Utopia, Meat Loaf, Jim Steinman, Celine Dion, Tom Robinson, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, Mick Jagger, Steve Hillage, Rick Derringer, Richie Sambora, Blue Oyster Cult, Patty Smyth, Patti Smith, New Cars, Ronnie Spector, Indigo Girls, Bonnie Tyler, Lulu, Ricky Byrd, and Steve Stevens to cite a very, very, very select few.

The consummate ensemble player and soloist, Sulton’s weapons of choice include the Fender Precision, and the Archer KS3 Signature bass, among many others. Kasim also leads a Utopia repertory ensemble aptly named “Kasim Sulton’s Utopia.”

Dig Kasim crooning with Utopia “Set Me Free” https://youtu.be/XZxHmZy-P10

Dig Kasim with Utopia live “Love is the Answer” https://youtu.be/IPDQUp_audU

Dig Kasim with Meat Loaf “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” https://youtu.be/a136H5K3OKw

Dig Kasim from his 3 slab “Clocks All Stopped” https://youtu.be/a136H5K3OKw

Dig Kasim’s Utopia “Fix Your Gaze” https://youtu.be/MfAZBQK7rKQ

Dig Kasim with Joan Jett “I Hate Myself for Loving You” https://youtu.be/bpNw7jYkbVc

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