Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie)

Courtesy of David Bowie Com Courtesy of David Bowie Com

Courtesy of David Bowie Com

This fab Philly born singer, bassist, side-woman, multi-instrumentalist, composer, solo recording artist, among other titles has rocked stages and anchored slabs with Tears for Fears, Gang of Four, Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Ferry, Indigo Girls, Jane Siberry, Gwen Stefani, Seal, David Bowie, and John Ashton’s Satellite Paradiso, to cite a very, very, very select few.

Where to begin: In the service of David Jones, Gail Ann Dorsey brilliantly utilized the lower register of her extended range which revitalized her bandleader’s classic canon in concert.

Dig every minute of Gail at Bowie’s 50th bash

Gail’s presence on David’s latter day works – Earthling, Reality, Storytellers, A Reality Tour, and The Next Day – contributed greatly to Bowie’s artistic and commercial resurgence.

Primarily a StingRay MusicMan player, though I have seen her on stage with Fender and various boutique instruments; Ms. Dorsey adapts her style to whomever she plays with – yet her identity emerges by way of her phrasing and rhythm – my guess is that her Philadelphia roots ingrained soul into her soul!

Dig Gail on her own from the album I Used to Be “Always True”