Doug Rauch (Santana, David Bowie, Billy Cobham, Lenny White)

“Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat…”


In a career tragically cut short, the late Doug Rauch was a major force in Santana’s groundbreaking fusion explorations as documented on such essential albums as Caravanserai (1972), Welcome (1973), Love Devotion & Surrender- with John McLaughlin (1973), and the sprawling live masterpiece Lotus (1974).


Doug was a master of the double-thumb technique, which was a radical departure from previous Santana bassists. As such, Rauch was an extremely busy player – which was vogue in those heady, early days of jazz rock – rendering poly-rhythms galore to compliment Carlos’ increasingly intricate compositions.


Doug’s primary weapon of choice was a modified Fender Jazz with a Gibson EB-pickup – yes the infamous “mudbucker” ala Grand Funk Railroad’s Mel Schacher – in the neck position.


Rauch’s unique forays into funk fusion can also be heard on Betty Davis’ self-titled 1973 debut, Billy Cobham’s Life & Times (1976) and Lenny White’s Venusian Summer (1976).


Among Rauch’s session credits include Carly Simon, Papa John Creach, Jose Chepito Areas, and Buzzy Linhart.


Doug also anchored select shows on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs tour, captured on the archival release, Cracked Actor.


Doug Rauch Sound & Vision…


With Carlos Santana


“Love Devotion and Surrender”


“Going Home/ A1 Funk/ Every Step of the Way” (Live in South America 1973)


Billy Cobham “On A Natural High”


Lenny White “Chicken Fried Steak”


David Bowie (Live in Los Angeles 1973)  “Cracked Actor”