Donnie Nossov (John Waite, Pat Benatar, Tom Verlaine, Cher, Lita Ford)


Missing You.” “We Belong” “Kiss Me Deadly.” “Always.” Urban Desire.


‘Twas a time when rock music spoke to a generation or two or three. Of all the players who anchored the 1980s MTV / rock radio golden era, among the most prolific was a modest cat from Queens County New York City. You’ve heard him (Pat Benatar, John Waite, Tom Verlaine, Alannah Myles, Lita Ford and Cher -to cite a few) but you don’t know him – until now. Dig this series of Skype interviews with bassist Donnie Nossov. Armed with a ’62 Fender Precision and deep knowledge of rock, pop, rhythm & blues, soul, and permutations thereof – Donnie’s passages went platinum – behold the silver and gold on his den wall behind him!


Tom Semioli Writer / Interviewer

James Spina / Interviewer

Mark Polott / Editor

Mark Preston / Executive Producer


Donnie Nossov Sound & Vision…. 


Pat Benatar “We Belong”


Lita Ford “Kiss Me Deadly”


John Waite “Missing You”


Tom Verlaine “Always”


Genya Ravan “Aye Co’lorado” from Urban Desire (1978):


The End Imaginary Life as discussed in No Depression in 2018:

Donnie Nossov Know Your Bass Player On Skype…