Bernie Calvert (The Hollies)

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By Thomas Semioli

Jazz icon Ray Brown praised him for his work on “Bus Stop.” Akin to numerous bassists in the early days of the instrument, Bernard Bamford Calvert started his musical journey at the keyboards. Calvert, who took up the bass at the behest of The Hollies’ Tony Hicks, toiled with several groups before joining the aforementioned Rock ‘n ‘ Roll Hall of Fame ensemble in 1966 commencing with the album For Certain Because which was renamed Stop! Stop! Stop! for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Though not as harmonically and rhythmically adventurous as the band’s previous bassist – Eric Haydock -Calvert’s supportive artistry drew from a wide array of influences ranging from jazz, blues, dance hall, soul, and folk. As such, he deftly negotiated The Hollies diverse canon which spanned Merseybeat, AM pop, psychedelic, MOR and every permutation thereof. Bernie Calvert departed The Hollies in 1981 and is still on the bandstand with church groups in his native Lancashire.

Dig Bernie on “Bus Stop”

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Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame