Andrew Bodnar (Graham Parker & The Rumour)



“Watching the Detectives,” “Local Girls,” “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass…”


Britain’s punk / pub-rock era of the late 70s – early 80s brought us three bona fide rock bass virtuoso / stylists: Norman Watt-Roy (Ian Dury and the Blockheads), Bruce Thomas (Elvis Costello and The Attractions) and our man here – Andrew Bodnar (Graham Parker and The Rumour).


A groove player with a decidedly busy yet supportive disposition, Bodnar was an early adopter of the MusicMan Stingray bass, though early in his career, and in his most recent years, Andrew opts for the classic Fender Jazz.


 In addition to his tenure with GP, which has thrived on-and-off for nearly a half-century, Andrew was an in-demand session cat, working sides and stages with Garland Jeffreys, The Pretenders, Nick Lowe, and Carlene Carter among others.



Andrew Bodnar Sound & Vision…


Graham Parker and The Rumour:


“Watch the Moon Come Down”


(Fretless Bodnar) Get Started – Start a Fire”




“Local Girls”


Nick Lowe: “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass”


Garland Jeffreys: “96 Tears”


Carlene Carter: “Between You and Me”


The Pretenders: “Line Between Love and Hate”


Elvis Costello sans The Attractions “Watching the Detectives”