Kenny Aaronson (Bob Dylan, Derringer, Joan Jett)


Cited as Bassist of the Year in 1988 by Rolling Stone, Kenny Aaronson is the among most versatile and resourceful players in the history of the art-form that is rock and roll. On the concert stage as a sideman, he is second to none as an accompanist, rhythmic/harmonic catalyst, and visual performer.


Ditto his career as a studio player. Aaronson’s canon embraces every sub-genre of rock ranging from traditional rhythm & blues, prog, metal, punk, alternative, roots, arena rock, pop, blues, folk, and every permutation thereof…and maybe a few Kenny invented – go ask him!!


A short list of his record and touring credits would break the internet quicker than a Kardashian. To cite a select few: Ronnie Spector, Billy Idol, Tom Guerra, The Stories with Ian Lloyd, Dana Fuchs, Bob Dylan, Sammy Hagar, Joan Jett, Graham Parker, Hall & Oates, New York Dolls, John Eddie, The Yardbirds, Edgar Winter, Robert Gordon, Dave Edmunds, Michael Monroe, Billy Squire, Dust, and Hagar/Aaronson/Schon/Shrieve…


As I was witness, Kenny’s tenure with Dylan – with guitarist G.E. Smith, and drummer Chris Parker – ranks with Bob’s collaborations with The Band, and The Rolling Thunder Revue.


This writer cited Kenny in Huffington Post in December 2017 Eleven Bass Players Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – in the category for Musical Excellence :


Aaronson’s arsenal: I’ve seen Kenny commandeer Fender, Kay, ESP, Ibanez G & L basses…his strings are La Bella 760N…


Interview with Tom Guerra and Kenny From a Yardbird to a Mambo Son – Sowing Seeds in Tom Guerra’s American Garden – Tom Semioli NO DEPRESSION 2018



Kenny Aaronson Sound & Vision:


Brian Setzer “Haunted River”


Rick Derringer “Envy”


Stories “Brother Louie”


HSAS “Missing You”


Joan Jett “World of Denial”




Michael Monroe “Not Fakin’ It”


Tom Guerra “Tell the World”


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