Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze)

Photo courtesy of Glenn Hughes Com Photo courtesy of Glenn Hughes Com

Photo courtesy of Glenn Hughes Com

By Thomas Semioli

“Doesn’t everyone sniff cocaine off stripper’s bums?”

They don’t make rock stars like Glenn Hughes anymore. The rightfully proclaimed “Voice of Rock” is a world class bassist and singer-songwriter on par with Sir Paul and Sting who carved his legend with Trapeze and Deep Purple Mark III & IV.

Dig Glenn with Trapeze “Coast to Coast”

Armed with a Fender and Rickenbacker 4001 –among other instruments, Glenn’s funky bass playing and soaring vocals with Deep Purple were decidedly soulful: which was one of the primary reasons Ritchie Blackmore bolted to form Rainbow.

Dig Glenn and Deep Purple at the legendary ‘74 California Jam

As such, the Purps hired Tommy Bolin and waxed one of the great lost albums of the 1970s – Come Taste The Band (1976).

Glenn’s solo catalog and collaborations are an extraordinary, groundbreaking fusion of rhythm & blues and hard rock: Play Me Out, Glenn Hughes Blues (with Tony Franklin), The Way It Is, Soul Mover, Hughes-Thrall, Tony Iommi/ Black Sabbath’s Seventh Star, and Black Country Communion, to cite a select few.  

Dig Glenn Hughes performing “Burn” with his solo band

Dig Tony Senatore’s rendition of Deep Purple’s version of “Burn” with Glen Hughes

Dig Glenn with Trapeze “You Are The Music, We Are Just the Band”

Glenn’s autobiographical tome, penned with Joel McIver is essential reading!

Glenn-Hughes-book-cover.jpg Glenn-Hughes-book-cover.jpg