Jack Bruce (Cream)

Courtesy of Jack Bruce Com

By Thomas Semioli

Along with Paul McCartney, Duck Dunn, John Entwistle, and Chris Squire – John Symon Asher Bruce was among rock’s most accomplished and influential bassists.


Jack Bruce’s iconic status as a virtuoso instrumentalist emerged from his improvisatory genius with Cream as evidenced on their legendary extended live jams on record and on the concert stage– a revolutionary horizon for rock bands of the era. His wide array of studio recordings as a solo artist and collaborator were mostly innovative and equally important in expanding the language of rock music to include jazz, classical, and permutations thereof.


Bruce’s signature tone truly emerged from his soul – regardless of the bass he utilized. From his Fender VI to his signature Gibson EB to Warwick – you always recognized Jack in a single passage!


In addition to his work as a bassist, Jack was also an extraordinary vocalist.


With Cream, Bruce also flexed his remarkable songwriting chops with lyricist Peter Brown: “White Room,” “Politician,” “SWLABR,” and “Sunshine of Your Love” are among rock music’s most enduring standards.

Bruce’s collaborations with artists from every conceivable genre – including Tony Williams, John McLaughlin, Frank Zappa, Leslie West, Carla Bley, Mick Taylor, Billy Cobham, Robin Trower, Lou Reed, and Cindy Blackman Santana, to name a very few, never failed to break new ground.


Jack Bruce Sound & Vision…


“Tickets to Waterfalls” https://youtu.be/ng7vpLsEX-o


“Theme for An Imaginary Western” https://youtu.be/ZE-zVoru1rE


“White Room” https://youtu.be/V5BF1V1pbTs


“Sunshine of Your Love” https://youtu.be/y_u1eu6Lpds


“SWLABR” https://youtu.be/l0QV71h-1b8


“Politician” Live https://youtu.be/XPv9W_55zdE


“Apostrophe” with Frank Zappa https://youtu.be/XPv9W_55zdE


Tony Williams Lifetime: “Right On” https://youtu.be/XPv9W_55zdE


Courtesy of Cream Com