Herbie Flowers (Lou Reed, David Bowie, Elton John)

Courtesy of Herbie Flowers Com Courtesy of Herbie Flowers Com

Courtesy of Herbie Flowers Com

“Being a bass-player is like being a truck driver… you’re paid to arrive on time and safely at your destination!” – Brian Keith “Herbie” Flowers


Just another day on the job? Probably! In a career that has spanned over a half century, Herbie Flowers is not only among the instrument’s preeminent players, and most prolific studio cats – he created two of rock’s most mind-blowing bass passages, all in a successful effort to earn double wages!


With a blue Fender Jazz he purchased from Manny’s in New York City for $79.00, this Isleworth Middlesex protégé helped to establish the electric bass on stage and in the studio by way of his instantly recognizable tone which he augments with a plectrum, coupled with his adventurous phrasing and melodic instinct. On every track Flowers has waxed, he melds his classical and jazz pedigree with a profound love of soul and blues.


An upright / electric and tuba player, Flowers’ resume is a study in 20th Century pop music history: Serge Gainesbourg, Harry Nilsson, Roger Daltrey, Brian Ferry, Henry Mancini (“Pink Panther”), Frank Sinatra, Cat Stevens, Sky, Bing Crosby, Elton John, David Bowie, Melanie, Al Kooper, David Essex, Marc Bolan, and Paul McCartney, along with numerous sides produced by Mickie Most, Richard Perry, Gus Dudgeon, Shel Talmy, and Tony Visconti simply skim the surface of his extraordinary body of work. Flowers also did a stint in the London Symphony Orchestra and has anchored scores of film and television scores and theater performances.


A witty scribe (read his blogs), solo recording artist, composer, university educator, and engaging stage performer – to list Flowers’ pop / classical / jazz / credits would break the internet, so we advise you to explore www.HerbieFlowers.Com if you need to know exactly what he played on, what he wrote, which bands he led, along with humorous anecdotes regarding his childhood, military service, and observations of the human condition.


If it were only for his contributions to Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” and “Rock On” by David Essex – Flowers would still be legend.


Herbie’s repetitive, major 10th interval glissando from the I to the IV chord, doubled with an upper register contrapuntal melody afforded Lou the radio (and career defining) hit he so desperately needed. It’s that rare groove that grabs you in the first few bars.


Lou Reed “Walk on the Wild Side” https://youtu.be/oG6fayQBm9w


Herbie takes a walk on the financial side: https://youtu.be/7AwFq1u6gzU


Herbie explains the passage in musical terms: https://youtu.be/XBXUP5GqYJs


Once again, Flowers blew minds (and home audio speakers) on David Essex smash hit “Rock On” (1973). Akin to his ingenious plot to earn twice his pay for Lou’s signature song, Herbie double-tracked his part. Significantly detuning the E string which was further enhanced with a wobbly delay effect, Flowers upped his remuneration for the day’s work from £12 to £24! An astonishing passage – it sounds like nothing before it, and nothing has sounded like it since


“Rock On” https://bit.ly/2RUebt9


Herbie Flowers Sound & Vision…


David’s “Space Oddity” https://youtu.be/5PgdZDXg0z0


Sir Elton’s “Country Comfort” https://youtu.be/0MxT31Nqysw


Harry’s “Jump Into the Fire” https://youtu.be/CfjNpgZ4C5Q


Der Bingle “Beautiful Memories” https://youtu.be/O-EVdjlUCCA


Marc Bolan “Dandy In the Underworld” https://youtu.be/82FB5OC-AOo


Watch Herbie guffawing aplenty with Blue Mink “ The Banner Man” https://youtu.be/x66xQ1rK2q0


Sir Paul “No More Lonely Nights” https://youtu.be/rlplvX07Li0


Chris Spedding “Hurt By Love” https://youtu.be/3xIrw3Nitjg


David Bowie “Rebel Rebel” https://youtu.be/8jxhpOYNcDY


With Melanie “Lay Down Stay Down – Candles in the Rain” https://youtu.be/MaiT8gATzxc


Watch Herbie on Top of the Pops with Sky “Tocatta” https://youtu.be/GX1elWIvP58


Dig video of Marc Bolan’s funky remake / remodel of “Jeepster” with Herbie outfitted in overalls! https://youtu.be/mcLT7Ubz7H0


Herbie anchors Ziggy Souldust – From David Live “Watch That Man” https://youtu.be/S_ho5el2_7o


Courtesy of Herbie Flowers Com Courtesy of Herbie Flowers Com

Courtesy of Herbie Flowers Com