Clive Chaman (Jeff Beck Group, Hummingbird)

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By Thomas Semioli

He was among the most revered (and funkiest) of all the Jeff Beck Group bassists despite the fact that he appeared on only two of the legendary guitarist’s lesser known releases!

A UK by way of Trinidad session ace, Clive Chaman brought a fluid, soulful disposition to every platter he waxed, including a pair of seminal Beck sides – Rough and Ready (1971), and Jeff Beck Group (1972) aka “Orange Album – rendering harmonic extensions and grooves aplenty as Beck gradually transitioned from a hard rocker to a rock jazz fusion artist.  Chaman came to the attention of Beck by way of his work with Ram John Holder on the ‘69 release London Blues.

Dig Clive and RJH “Brixton Blues”

Clive Chaman Beck 2 _opt.png Clive Chaman Beck 2 _opt.png

Dig Clive tearing it up with The Jeff Beck Group on Beat Club

Dig Tony Senatore’s rendition of Clive’s “Goin’ Down” with the Jeff Beck Group

When Beck pulled the plug on this edition of JBG, Clive teamed with the band’s iconic drummer Cozy Powell’s Hammer.

Dig Clive and Cozy “Living A Lie” from the ‘74 Sessions Lost Reel Masters

Following his time with Powell, Clive partnered with another Beck Group alumnus, singer Bobbie Tench, and waxed a side with Junior Marvin’s Hanson Now Hear This (1973) which also featured Jean Roussel (Cat Stevens, Joan Armatrading), Rebop, and Chris Wood.

Dig Clive with Hanson “Mister Music Maker”

In ‘75 Clive hooked up with jazz rockers Hummingbird – again, with former Jeff Beck Group ‘71-’72 members Tench, and keyboardist Max Middleton, along session legend, drummer Bernard Purdie.

Dig Clive with Hummingbird:


“We Can’t Go on Meeting Like This”

Chaman also anchored seminal slabs by the Brian Auger Express, Donovan, and Paul Kossoff. Clive’s weapon of choice back in the 70s was Fender Precision!

Dig Clive live with The Brian Auger Express 1975

Dig Clive with Kossoff “Back Street Crawler”

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